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At first, we will explore the essence of the idea and ensure that it is fundamentally unique. Then we carve a business framework out of it and apply a brand to it so the world can perceive it. Then carefully, we build it and express it through physical design, what product it offers and its service model. Finally, we will have a business that has its identity course through every limb of its body. The product, the design, the uniform, the stationary and even the scent, all sing the same song.

From inception, Blu was designed to challenge tradition and defy the mediocre. Its rich luxurious feel, infused with a new flare of modernity, creates the most wonderful and tantalising experience.


The design like the method of the creation of its chocolate is avant-garde. The space is a sensation for the mind, the eyes and the taste.

Borhan Design Brisbane

An Indian restaurant was conceived by delving into the past and being inspired by the era of the great moguls. The majestic elephant and its significance to the kingdom were specifically selected to be the muse of this eatery. Her colours, the texture of its skin, the armour she wore and the presence she demanded became the very brief of the venue.


The seating, the lighting, the music, the food, the logo, and even the cutlery was a homage to her.

Borhan Design Brisbane

A hotel was crafted to sit on a hill and fuse with its surroundings. Its terrace like structure with running waters creates a motion that not only directs but also soothes. With rooms inspired by the vernacular spirit of the land that it sits on and with eateries embroidered with traditional tales, this hotel is the first of its kind in the region.


The design embodies emotional, spiritual and cultural elements and their cohesion can only be likened unto a Sufi dance.

Borhan Design Brisbane

The conception of a state of the art medical facility that prides itself as a pioneer within the realms of technology, while being at the forefront of design and psychology.

The space was elegantly designed within the ethos that the process of healing should start not within the bounds of the physician’s room, but rather as soon as the patient walks inside. 

Borhan Design Brisbane

Imperial College of London Diabetic Centre

The first retail store in the UAE to sell firearms to the elite clientele. 


The precedents were the elements of the Beretta Gun: the foam that lined the interior of its carry case, the heavy black body, the copper finish of a bullet and the grey mist of its fired smoke. All the elements were fused together and formed the skeleton of the interior.

Borhan Design Brisbane

Inspired by the dark and cold cobbled streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, where one is met with a warm and cosy interior as you walk inside. House of Thistle was the first of its kind in the UAE. Most florists create sterile and bland spaces and depend on the flowers and plants to fill up the void. However, this space was created as inviting and personal; one that invigorates and combines the feelings of the old and new, and where the beauty of the flowers and plants is merely the fragrance that finishes the experience.

Borhan Design Brisbane

Enamoured by the beauty of the winged insect, the restaurant transforms throughout the day like the very metamorphosis of the creature. With the walls skeletal, the lights flickering, the colours fluorescent, the space trapping, the food cocooned and the music captivating, you experience the chaotic and pulsating world of their kingdom.

Borhan Design Brisbane
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