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Confident | Empathic | Philosophical


As an award-winning interior designer with 17 years of international experience, I conceive evocative spaces and yearn to serve through my craft. 


Having designed over 3000 projects, I carry a tried and true ethos into every project. I believe in the potency and influence of design; in the interconnectedness of philosophy and brand, of form and psychology. 


Specialising in the design of businesses, one must create sanctuaries, a commercial space that is a shrine to the client’s brand. With this ethos, I have elevated brands to new heights across the globe, from Dubai to London, from the Gold Coast to Ibiza.


“I am consumed by the influence of design and the grand extent of its spiritual and physiological effects on mankind.


Determined, confident & creative, my vision is one of non-conformity and the importance of reasoning. For one of man’s greatest endowments is the ability to be creative, an attribute solely belonging to the race of man.  Instead of burying this human quality beneath the dust of conformity, one should embrace it.


I believe absolute freedom is chaos — nothing in the universe is absolutely free. Everything is embedded within laws. The most unencumbered of molecules are bound to the law of gravity and the orbits of colossal planets to their stars. 


And within a design, I believe that law is Reason.


Every curve, every colour, every call must have a purpose. Every shelter, every construction, every temple must befit its purpose. If this purpose fails, if one cannot feel safe in their abode, if one cannot reflect in the temple, if a construction contributes negatively to mankind; it is better for that pen not to have scarred the page. Should it fulfil its purpose however, then blessed is the ink that bled upon that page.”

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